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Praying on Sundays

Sports fans are all too familiar with the concept of the pantheon of Athletic Gods. The Baseball Gods, for instance, have been in full force over the last decade. Ending the Word Series droughts of the Red Sox, the Tigers, and The Royals while also paving the way to potentially end similar droughts brought upon […]

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James' Tale

In a fairytale, once the hero has saved the princess and accomplished his goals, the story ends. We never know what goes on after the fact but we can presume that with such a big burden lifted of his shoulders, the hero lives a much happier life. With the NBA starting in less than a […]

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No Three's Company

  The Bulls are going to be a very poor three-point shooting team next year. This is not so much an opinion as it is one big universally accepted truth. The Bulls are a joke and the Warriors are splitting their collective sides at the prospect of outshooting an entire team by 40% from the […]

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Don't Go, Chris

With the news of a third blood clot forming, the Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh seems that much closer to being done as an NBA player. On September 26th, Heat president Pat Riley informed the crowd at Miami’s media day that the Heat “are not working toward his [Bosh] return”. This means that despite Bosh’s assertions […]

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The 2017 Oklahoma City Thunder don’t care about the future of the game. They don’t care about pace and space, nor do they care for silly things like efficiency or advanced statistics. They certainly don’t give a shit about the template that the Golden State Warriors have created. No, the Thunder aren’t looking forward in […]

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