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Aaron Carter - LøVë
By Premal Bhatt Posted in Culture on February 11, 2017 0 Comments
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Aaron Carter — yeah, the “That’s How I Beat Shaq” Aaron Carter — is back with his first release since 2002’s Another Earthquake! This time around, Carter’s 29 and his sound is about as different as a fifteen year hiatus from the charts would suggest. This new sound is a mixture of pop and electronic, making this 5-track LP a quick, easy, skip-free listen. 

The common theme amongst LøVë’s songs are confident, simple lyricism, as well as no confusion of their commitment to the title and its relatability. The opening track, “Fool’s Gold,” also served as Carter’s single, released almost a year ago. It sets the tone for the project discussing the pain of losing someone to an undeserving foe while using an EDM beat backdrop. “Sooner or Later” is a track that brings the EDM sound to the forefront, utilizing electronic production prominently on the chorus. In the most mellow of his five tracks’ singing tones, “Dearly Departed” uses a quick-paced beat consistent with the rest of the project to create a unique combination, which weirdly, works. It is a final plea to a significant other who doesn’t know what they want, despite getting the best effort from the partner — something we can all relate to.

The EP conjures up similarities to Justin Bieber’s Purpose: a move away from the sound you’d expect from a former child star, into a sound of maturation, and free of embarrassment that you’re listening to someone who made “I Want Candy” or “Baby”. Bieber’s Purpose was a more impressive project, showcasing a wider range of sounds and vocals, but having an advantage in project size. However, LøVë still accomplishes an interconnected theme, like Purpose did, in a shorter amount of time. It has the underrated ability for a listener to pick out any one of five songs for a single listen, or for the listener to choose any of the EP’s songs as a starting point, shuffle, and still grasp its theme.

LøVë‘s high-quality sound blended with easy-to-understand vocals is a credit to Carter’s contributions as a producer. The child star has turned into a full-fledged artist and producer, has honed his craft for the past decade, and taken his time with this EP. His singing is well-rounded and full, but won’t blow listeners away. That has much to do with the sound direction Carter has chosen to take his career in. While the lyrics aren’t substantially complex, the overall sound is consistent, cohesive and a solid building block for bigger projects to come. Although you’d never think to combine a depressing subject of love lost with upbeat backdrops, Aaron Carter’s sound seems to find the right balance and fit right in with the singles that dominate radio airwaves.



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