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Wake Up Coop!
By Drew Steele Posted in Culture on June 12, 2017 0 Comments
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Will Dale Cooper awaken and return to Twin Peaks?

Another episode of Twin Peaks is in the books, and it’s another excellent episode with many memorable moments. Naomi Watts has been superb as Janey-E Jones, especially when Janey-E confronts the loan sharks in Part Six. Carl watching a young boy’s spirit float up to heaven after the mysterious and uber-creepy Richard Horne (this cannot be Audrey’s son can it?) killed the boy in a hit and run was an incredible scene. We saw an enraged little person hitman with blood all over his face stab a woman to death with a screwdriver as a hip-hop instrumental played. And finally, after twenty-seven years, two months, and three days, we finally can put a face to Diane! Of course, it’s Laura Dern in a silver-haired wig.

Mark Frost and David Lynch have done an excellent job so far building upon the Twin Peaks universe by creating new characters and situations, all while keeping everything intrinsically in the spirit of the original series. Achieving this balance that is necessary for a revival to work is one of the most difficult jobs to accomplish. Frost and Lynch have done so in the first six hours.

With that said, there is one notable critique that can be made about the series. The storyline of Cooper being in this malaise state that I dubbed “Mr. Jackpots” two weeks ago is a bit drawn out. Special Agent Dale Cooper not being able to wake up from this state is simultaneously hilarious and tragic. Much of the comedy comes from this character, as he cannot even use the bathroom without assistance. Despite the comedic value and the overall excellence of the revival, waiting another hour to see if Cooper snaps out of it only heightens the frustration. While watching and enjoying Part Six, the main question that continued to pop into my head was “how much longer do I have to wait until I get to see the actual Dale Cooper?”

When Cooper spit out the coffee at the end of Part Four and said “hello,” I thought that was going to be the moment where he sheds Mr. Jackpots; his love for a damn fine cup of coffee is transcendent…so I thought. There were some interesting moments and pieces of information that may give the frustrated viewers some hope. In this episode, Cooper was infatuated with the security guy’s badge when he was loitering outside his job and when he was returned home.

When he was drawing those weird doodles on those files he had to hand in for work, he was performing an investigation, just like he used to do as an FBI agent; and he clearly discovered something as his boss was proud of Cooper’s findings. Dougie, the man everyone believes Cooper to be, works for Lucky 7 Insurance and next week is the seventh episode of the series. To further that connection, the boxing poster hung up behind this boss is dated June 18th, which happens to be the date of when Part Seven airs live on Showtime.

Of course, this could very well be a coincidence and the ramblings of a man looking for answers that are not there to try to install some hope that Dale Cooper finally comes back to the series. Or, we can expect something serious to happen in next episode. “Dougie” was wearing a fitted black suit when he went to work compared to the ill-fitting green sports coat. Is that another sign foreshadowing the return of Special Agent Dale Cooper? Hawk did find mysterious pages in the men’s bathroom. Are those the missing pages from Laura Palmer’s diary or were they the notes that MIKE hid in the bathroom when he had his schizophrenic episode during the original series?

Though frustrating, this critique of the drawn-out Cooper arc is minor at best. There are still twelve hours left in the series, so much can change and happen in that time. Hopefully, Cooper is not in this malaise for the overwhelming majority of the series because the current tolerable frustration can very well lead to resentment amongst the core Twin Peaks fans. I doubt that actually happens since Frost and Lynch have done such a masterful job with the series so far. Let’s just hope that Part Seven will truly be “lucky”.

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