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Gear Review: Trayvax Element Wallet
By Brandon Allin Posted in Culture on September 18, 2017 0 Comments
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American born and bred

Our wallets are something we carry with us every day of our lives. They’re stashed in our pockets and purses the moment we leave our homes, and they’re in our hands each time we make a purchase. The wallet is a simple, valuable accessory to everyday life, but perhaps one that has grown stale with time.

Trayvax is insistent on breaking the mold.

An American company based out of Bellingham, Washington, Trayvax manufacture cutting-edge wallets designed to endure even the harshest punishments. Boasting a product line ranging from ultra-minimalist front pocket wallets to high-grade luxury offerings, Trayvax is a small-scale operation committed to creating heirlooms built to last a lifetime.

Trayvax Element wallet in Stealth Black

Consider the Trayvax Element a masterclass in craftsmanship. Constructed from a single piece of durable stainless steel and wrapped in American-sourced, oil tanned leather, the Element is a rugged, multifunctional wallet primed for tough love. A burly beast begging not to be babied.

Virility aside, in the hand is where the Element really shines. The leather is soft and supple to the touch as its matte finish oozing with character. The stainless steel interior frame, complete with lanyard extension, adds a level to rigidity to the wallet not found in popular alternatives. This ensures the Element will retain its trademark shape with regular use. No sharp edges are to be found, making the wallet a comfortable carry each time its called to action.

A leather strap wraps around the backside of the wallet before fastening via a small rivet up front. It’s a simple mechanism that has not yet come unclasped with regular carry, affording me the peace of mind that my belongings will remain safely tucked away inside.

Card selection window allows for quick and easy removal

Advertising a designated carrying capacity of 3-10 cards, the wallet provides ample storage for stashing all of your day-to-day necessities. Inside the box is a small card with detailed instructions on how to shape the wallet to have it hold any amount of cards you choose to carry by soaking it in lukewarm water. After inserting my regular six cards, I had no qualms with the standard fit of the wallet straight out of the box and opted to skip this step.

On the inside, the Element is somewhat of a jack of all trades. In addition to the generous amount storage space for your cards, the wallet is equipped with a money clip under its leather backside for carrying up to five bills. I typically try to avoid carrying cash whenever I can, but it’s comforting to know that the leather back panel conceals the cash in a way that the bills cannot be seen from the outside. If you think the money clip was a nifty feature, there is also an integrated bottle opener that makes use of the wallet’s solid stainless steel skeleton.

Solid stainless steel frame with a durable melonite finish

It remains to be seen how well the Element will age, but after a few days of remarkably heavy use — believe me, I put it through its paces — I have no concerns regarding its durability. The build quality here is, by all accounts, outstanding. The leather will, of course, develop a natural patina with time; a transformation that will only add more character to an already delightful piece.

Verdict: Gone are the days of the dime-a-dozen leather bifold. The Element is the wallet redesigned, revitalized, and engineered to withstand the test of time. While it isn’t quite as slim as some of the more bare-bones alternatives available on the market, the marginal difference in bulk is made up for in both stability and functionality. I expect the Element to find a regular place in my pocket for the foreseeable future.

The Element is available in a variety of different colors for a price of $84.99Buy It

Gear review trayvax wallet

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