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Holyfield Essentials: Volume 2
By Brandon Allin Posted in Culture on September 8, 2017 0 Comments
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A whole new bag of tricks

Last week, we took a look at a rugged day pack from CamelBak, a durable front-pocket vault from Flipside, and a stainless steel travel comb primed for your wallet. This week, we’re back with five more every day essentials we believe are worth the price of admission.

Ladies and gentlemen, make sure those credit cards are at the ready. We’re off to the races.

TI-EDC Titanium Pill Fob

The reliance on medication is, for some, one of the unfortunate realities of life. It’s also no secret that lugging around a selection of pills can be a frustrating and cumbersome task.

TI-EDC’s slim chamber pill fob is a compact, lightweight, and keychain friendly solution that ensures your prescription is readily available to you at all times. Constructed from high-grade titanium, the pill fob features a waterproof, rubber O-ring seal that ensures your medication remains moisture-free no matter your surroundings.

Coming in at just a hair under two inches tall, the cylinder boasts a carrying capacity of nine standard-size Aspirin, while its prescription CNC machined, anti-slip grooves were designed to allow for a comfortable grip in the hand during use.

Verdict: While its keyring hole is undersized at best and makes keychain attachment a pain, the craftsmanship here is worthy of applause. This pill fob represents a simple, noise-free solution that has helped to enhance the quality of my life in just a few short days. – Buy It

MiiR Insulated Growler

As summer begins to wind down, we enter our final days of struggling to keep our drinks cold. A sustained challenge, if there ever was one.

Fortunately, MiiR’s offerings make such a feat a breeze. Available in a 64 ounce (four full pints, if you’re wondering) growler and a 32 ounce howler, MiiR’s bottles are equipped with the company’s patented Thermo 3D Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Technology to keep your frosty drinks cold for over 24 hours, making them the perfect companion for both day trips and overnight adventures.

A non-slip, hardshell powder coat exterior and a locking handle make transport smooth sailing, while the bottle’s threadless lid seals in carbonation and protects against leaks. On the inside, the bottles are constructed from 18/8 medical grade stainless steel ensuring no transfer of flavors between beverages and no foul metal aftertaste.

Verdict: At 64 ounces (or 32, if you aren’t feeling like really testing yourself), this growler is no joke. The subdued design is a refreshing change of pace from flashy alternatives, and the double wall vacuum insulation means no more warm brews. Consider it the perfect tailgate companion. – Buy It

Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid EDC Belt

Take a look at your waist. Are you wearing an old-fashioned leather belt? For shame.

In all seriousness, so long as your belt is sturdy and keeps your pants firmly at your waist, that’s all you really need. But given the chance, why not spruce things up a little bit? Why not try something a little more inventive on for size?

Blue Alpha Gear specialize in heavy duty, made-to-order belts for the everyday man in search of something just a little bit more practical. Featuring two-layer nylon webbing and adjustable velcro sizing, the company’s Hybrid EDC belt is a extra durable option built to stand the test of time. Up front is a smaller cobra buckle compatible with most standard sized belt loops that is more in line with a traditional seatbelt than a standard belt. Simply snap in and you’re ready to go. No more fumbling around with those pesky holes.

Best of all, Blue Alpha Gear belts are proudly made in the United States of America and are backed by the company’s magnificent no questions asked lifetime warranty.

Verdict: While the lofty price tag might be difficult for some to swallow, rest assured the payoff is worth it. Designed to accommodate one size up and down from the size of your choosing, the Hybrid EDC affords me just enough wiggle room for when my weight inevitably fluctuates this holiday season. My other belts are already in the trash. – Buy It

Spine Titanium Wallet

We’ve been over this before: it’s 2017, and it’s time to ditch the bulk.

Minimalism is all the rage these days, and the Spine Wallet is about as barebones as things get. Touted as the world’s thinnest front-pocket wallet, the Spine is constructed from a single slab of grade five titanium and surrounded by a sturdy elastic band for safekeeping. That’s it. There are no frills or extra baggage here.

Unlike alternatives that promote a designated carry limit, the Spine simplifies things even further; what you can fit is what you can carry. The elastic band holds a number of cards and plenty of cash firmly in place with no need to worry about your essentials slipping out. The titanium body also features an integrated bottle opener should the need for one arise.

Verdict: It may prove a tad too minimal for some, but the Spine is a lightweight, small-scale option for those in search of a little less pocket bulge. – Buy It

Lever Gear Toolcard

Take a quick look at your keychain. What are you carrying? A bottle opener? A multi-tool? Whatever your setup may be, why not kick things up a notch? How do 40 unique functions nestled in the comfort of your wallet sound? Welcome to the Lever show.

Crafted from 420 stainless steel and offering everything from a can opener to a flathead screwdriver, the Lever Toolcard represents a quick and convenient fix to a number of life’s hurdles. If that’s not enough, add a matching, detachable money clip and the card transforms into the quintessential minimalist wallet for the common working man. Fancy, huh?

Verdict: The Lever Toolcard costs a pretty penny for what some may consider a novelty, but in the right hands its bag of tricks may prove invaluable. This is the everyday multi-tool you won’t even know you’re carrying. – Buy It

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