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MLB Should Step In And Stop Marlins

The ESPN assessment of the Giancarlo Stanton trade gives the Marlins a grade of B. Despite the fact that neither of the two prospects Miami received top 10 in the Yankees’ farm system, the Marlins faced such an urgency to shed Stanton’s contract that getting rid of him is a good thing, regardless of the […]

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2017 MLB Winter Meetings Roundup

As the weather gets colder, baseball’s off-season has been warming up the last few days. From the Shohei Ohtani siging to the Giancarlo Stanton trade, deals figure to get hotter over the next four days in Orlando as the winter meetings descend upon the land of Mickey and Minnie. Here are some things and teams […]

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Change For Change's Sake?

Big market teams are making big time changes

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Can Power Hitting and Contact Hitting Coexist?

The statistics suggest so

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2017 MLB Postseason Picks

This year’s baseball playoff  is equally loaded with returning winners and new faces

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The Cleveland Indians Could Sustain This Run for Years to Come

A rebuild isn’t necessary for the near future

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What if Postseason Winners Got to Draft Postseason Losers?

Let’s make the MLB Playoffs interesting

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Newcomers Find Their Way At Home

Do prospects perform better at home?

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The Way Too Early MLB Mock Draft

The season is still going, but who doesn’t love draft talk?

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A World Without Intentional Walks

Just imagine

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Joey Gallo’s Season is Unique and Unrepeatable

His hitting numbers are truly something to behold, in terms of being an oddity

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