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Hue've Got to be Joking!

It has been my experience that 80% of NFL games are decided by about five plays. If you look at the stats at the end of most games, the total yards and most every other stat are close enough that both teams have a realistic shot at winning. But one team converts a third-and-twelve or […]

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Browns Need To Get Kizer Decision Right

It’s bad enough that the Browns are 0–10. It’s even worse that they are 1–25 over the past two seasons and 2–[insert large number] over however far back you care to torture yourself by thinking about. What makes it even worse is the fact that the Browns entered this season with one goal more critical […]

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A Romantic Comedy In Cleveland

Does this comedy end well for Cleveland or is it darker than expected?

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Alternate Jersey: Bill Baltimore

A world where Bill Belichick is not in New England

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Cops Protesting Browns Isn't Fixing Anything

The Cleveland Police Union has missed the irony in their protest of the Browns

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A Quick Message to the Cleveland Browns

Roll with DeShone Kizer

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Avoiding Andy Dalton

I submit the following premise: when making personnel decisions around the quarterback position, NFL teams should divide everyone into three groups: A)     Quarterbacks who can elevate lesser teams to Super Bowl status.  In the current century, this group includes Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, peak Peyton Manning, and maybe Drew Brees.  B)      Quarterbacks who, if given a […]

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The Perseverance That Saved Pittsburgh

If you’re old enough, you can actually remember a time when the Steelers were a joke and the Browns a powerhouse, rather than the other way around. Dan Rooney would get unanimous support for sainthood in the city of Pittsburgh, but when he ran the team, he hired his drinking buddies as scouts, and based […]

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Why Cut Osweiler?

There are some things that are easier to write about than others. I was god-awful at every science course I ever took, so if this website decides to emphasize science, they would be better off hiring my wife. Along the same lines, I have tried a number of times to watch lacrosse, but still have no idea […]

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Blowing It: A Case Study

The Cleveland Browns have the first pick. Now what?

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Alternate Jersey: Juli-no Jones

A world where Julio Jones isn’t a Falcon

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