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The Trade Deadline Whiplash

The NBA trade deadline was as hectic as they come. The Cavaliers had significant roster turnover in a make-or-break season. Will these new players revitalize Cleveland?

One of the strange things about trades is how fans like us have to turn our emotions around on a dime. If you had asked me nine months ago which NBA player I would most like to see exiled to a deserted island, Jae Crowder would have been in the top three. His defensive style, […]

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Cavaliers Hitting the Panic Button?

The Cavaliers have got some decisions to make — and soon

In the 1986 movie, Crimes of the Heart, Sissy Spacek’s character is asked by a policeman why she shot her husband. She gives a fraught sigh and says, “I was having such a bad day…” For some reason this classic understatement came to mind when LeBron James said the Cavaliers were in a funk last […]

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Disappointment Derrick

A total of 29 men have won the Most Valuable Player awards in the four major American sports before their 24th birthday. As you might expect, achieving such a level of excellence at such a young age is usually a precursor to a great career. Indeed, the majority of the guys on this list are […]

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Pros And Cons Of a DeAndre Jordan Trade For Cavs

Within hours of Blake Griffin’s injury, rumors began to swirl about the Clippers trading DeAndre Jordan. Among those rumors is one involving the Cleveland Cavaliers and Tristan Thompson. There is some logic to this. Jordan is a free agent with a player option after this season, and the Clippers seem headed for a rebuild. He […]

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How They Drew It Up: Third Week Edition

Featuring Joel Embiid, Avery Bradley, and Spencer Dinwiddie

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So Much For Keeping LeBron Fresh

Why so many minutes to start the season?

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Dear Dan Gilbert

Dear Dan, At some point in most people’s lives, they reach a point where they have to recognize that their current way of doing things isn’t working. For me, one such moment came about twenty years ago, when I realized that my love of chicken wings was affecting my vision — as in, I couldn’t see […]

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Should Cavs Fans Panic?

When I was in high school, I played a lot of one-on-one with my dad. Unless there was snow on the driveway or he was traveling, we would be out there once or twice a week.  For the first couple of years we played, I never beat him, even as I was getting good enough to […]

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Bring the Waiters Romance Full Circle

My wife loves romantic comedies. Almost as much as I love baseball, which means it’s borderline unhealthy. Any time a movie comes out with Hugh Grant or Sandra Bullock, she’s seeing it the first weekend; if both happen to be in it, she owns the DVD. After 35 years of marriage, I’ve developed a tolerance for […]

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No Love, No Problem

Things are about as bad as they could possibly be for a team that still has LeBron James on the roster. Kevin Love is out for six weeks, J.R. Smith for three or four. The Cavs have only a two-game lead in the Eastern Conference, and LeBron is playing so many minutes that by the start […]

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Fixing What Might Be Broke

For a guy who has repeatedly stated his admiration for Barack Obama, LeBron James must not have gotten the memo about the “no drama” aspect of the Obama narrative.  It’s possible that James thrives on the sort of crises that he seems to create at some point every season, and the media certainly grows a […]

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