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This Time, the Loss is on Tomlin

A number of questionable choices by the reliable coach allowed Jacksonville to come out with the victory.

I’m not generally inclined to reflexively blame a coach when things go wrong. My sister-in-law can turn on Urban Meyer in the span of one set of downs, reacting with so much angst to bad plays, even momentary setbacks during wins, that I sometimes wonder if she would enjoy herself more if she devoted her […]

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The Complicated Reality of the Rooney Rule

The Oakland Raiders wanted John Gruden unequivocally. Because of the Rooney Rule, though, they had to interview a candidate who wasn't getting the job. Should there even be this token interview?

I’ve hired a few people over the years. When I made good decisions, it made my life easier and made the company I worked for more successful. When I made bad decisions, I spent the next year worrying about my own job security. So the last thing I wanted was someone else telling me how […]

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AFC Playoff Preview 2017–18

Is anyone stopping Tom Brady?

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Alternate Jersey: Luck Be Eleven

With Andrew Luck being on the Colts’ IR list, possibly for a career-ending injury, it’s easy to look at this once promising prospect and mourn for what could have been. Luck, a too big to fail style of quarterback, made an immediate impact on a team that was worried they would be without solid quarterback […]

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Hue've Got to be Joking!

It has been my experience that 80% of NFL games are decided by about five plays. If you look at the stats at the end of most games, the total yards and most every other stat are close enough that both teams have a realistic shot at winning. But one team converts a third-and-twelve or […]

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There Were Bigger Problems In Steelers-Patriots Ending Than One Catch

I have heard enough “experts” say that the refs got the call right on Jesse James’ non-catch on the goal line against the Patriots. I’ll go along with it. Besides, if the Steelers had been able to do anything with Rob Gronkowski on the Patriots’ last drive it would not have mattered what happened on […]

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The MVP Case For Russell Wilson

Without Russell Wilson, what are the Seattle Seahawks?

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How Much Does it Suck to be a Bengals Fan?

The value may be too large to measure

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Browns Need To Get Kizer Decision Right

It’s bad enough that the Browns are 0–10. It’s even worse that they are 1–25 over the past two seasons and 2–[insert large number] over however far back you care to torture yourself by thinking about. What makes it even worse is the fact that the Browns entered this season with one goal more critical […]

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The Ezekiel Elliott Case Demonstrates Need For Discipline Reform

If it is broke, you must fix it

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Fixing The College Football Playoff... Again

The current playoff system was a step in the right direction and now needs improvement

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