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Can Power Hitting and Contact Hitting Coexist?

The statistics suggest so

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2017 MLB Postseason Picks

This year’s baseball playoff  is equally loaded with returning winners and new faces

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The Cleveland Indians Could Sustain This Run for Years to Come

A rebuild isn’t necessary for the near future

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What if Postseason Winners Got to Draft Postseason Losers?

Let’s make the MLB Playoffs interesting

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Newcomers Find Their Way At Home

Do prospects perform better at home?

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The Way Too Early MLB Mock Draft

The season is still going, but who doesn’t love draft talk?

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A World Without Intentional Walks

Just imagine

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Joey Gallo’s Season is Unique and Unrepeatable

His hitting numbers are truly something to behold, in terms of being an oddity

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Is It Too Soon to Start the Willson-mania?

Willson Contreras is putting up impressive numbers for the Cubs this season

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Jose Altuve is Defying Baseball's Evolution

At 5’6, Jose Altuve small stature and production is a sight to behold

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Three Strikes and You're Out (of a Job)

Using MLB umpire statistics is more beneficial that one would initially believe 

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