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An Accidental Suggestion with Unintended Consequences

During the College Football National Championship, referee Mike Defee suggested something to Alabama's captain that could cause many future dilemmas

At the beginning of overtime in the National Championship game the other night, something occurred that has stuck in my mind way longer than I thought it would. You may not have noticed unless you were neurotically focused on details like me. Even if you did go back and watch the replay, you can miss […]

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AFC Playoff Preview 2017–18

Is anyone stopping Tom Brady?

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Playoff System Inherently Flawed, Again

Many years ago my dad gave me a piece of wisdom that I never forgot, even if he ignored it a thousand times later in life: if you leave an outcome close enough for the refs to decide, you have to live with what they decide. As Ohio State fans bemoan the decision of the […]

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Fixing The College Football Playoff... Again

The current playoff system was a step in the right direction and now needs improvement

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What if Postseason Winners Got to Draft Postseason Losers?

Let’s make the MLB Playoffs interesting

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Alternate Jersey: NFL Playoffs Remix

The NFL Playoff results of another world

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Old Seeding Brings New Life to NHL

The Stanley Cup playoffs are the best time of the year for hockey fans. The intensity of each game is ratcheted up to a degree that no other sport can match, even the one and done frenzy of the NFL playoffs.  The chase for the Cup has its cool traditions, from playoff beards to octopi on […]

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The Music Never Stops

It’s really fucking hard to build a successful NBA team. We all like to sit back and laugh at the David Kahns and Billy Kings of the world, but we also seem to conveniently forget that widely-respected basketball savants like Michael Jordan, Steve Kerr, and Doc Rivers floundered when given similar tasks. It’s especially tough […]

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NBA Playoff Preview Roundtable

To prepare you for the NBA playoffs, we got together some of our writers and asked them some questions to try to get to the heart of the various first round series and where the intrigue will be. Here’s what they came up with. 1. Celtics vs. Bulls. The Celtics are being regarded almost universally as […]

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2016-17 NHL Playoffs: First Round Preview

Who’s advancing to the second round?

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Some Early Odd Questions

We’re just a short time past the 2017 NCAA tournament final. More than one Tar Heels fan is probably still celebrating the triumph of his team over Gonzaga. Kennedy Meeks, Isaiah Hicks and Nate Britt have yet to realize that they’re seniors, and thus have played their last game in North Carolina’s blue. But all of […]

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