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MLB Spring Training Preview 2018AL East

The AL East has effectively become a two-team race — again. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are the top teams. Who's coming out on top?

The Beasts of the East … and then the rest. With the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees looking loaded and the Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays, and Baltimore Orioles fighting for 3rd place and a higher draft pick, this division will be a two-team race and a very boring spectacle for anyone outside […]

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MLB Spring Training Preview 2018: NL West

The NL West is going to be a four-team race, but the question is, who is the team on the outside looking in?

Welcome to the wild, wild, west. “Wild” could aptly describe the NL West this upcoming season as I see four teams with a realistic shot at the division. The favorites will be the Dodgers and Diamondbacks — rightfully so given they made the playoffs — but don’t discount the Rockies and Giants. They will make things […]

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MLB Spring Training Preview 2018: NL Central

Do the Cubs repeat as NL Central champions? Are the Brewers and Cardinals legitimate contenders? Did Pittsburgh get enough in return for their star players? These questions answered, along with many more.

Pitchers. Catchers. This week. It’s arguably the best time of year for baseball fans. When players begin to report, it means that Spring is coming. And when Spring is coming, that means nicer weather is coming. And when nicer weather arrives, the 2018 baseball season will be upon us. A few weeks ago, I previewed […]

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MLB Spring Training Preview 2018: NL East

Are the Phillies primed to take a big leap? Do the Marlins trade Christian Yelich before the start of Spring Training? Bryce Harper's future? These questions answered, along with many more.

Pitchers. Catchers. One month. It’s such an exciting time of year. We are so close to spring and all that comes with it: flowers, light rain, sunshine, and most importantly, the start of the baseball season. From now until just after pitchers and catchers report, I’ll be diving into each team and giving a brief […]

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