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Thomas Louis

Managing Director. Detail oriented and minimalism obsessed. If coach had put me in we would've won state.

Grant Evan

NFL/NHL writer and weaver of the Alternate Jersey series. Obsessed with historical accuracy and statistical probability.

Antonio Losada

Sabermetrics- and Fancy Stats-head. It may be hard to find me, but if you do I'll probably be doing something related to sports.

Campbell Yamane

5'7". 140 lbs. 40: 5.5 seconds. Bench Press: N/A

Drew Steele

Editor, Staff Writer, and Time Traveler.

Matthew Thomas

Culture/eSports/Futbol lead. Editor. Podcaster for Foleyfield and Some Things Considered.

Brandon Allin

MMA writer and culture contributor. Combat sports obsessed. Athletic only on paper.

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